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Mythology tells us that Athena herself at times also took the very form of her favorite bird. She transformed into an owl to be closer to mortal humans.
The world-famous little owl (Athene noctua) of Athena can still be seen at night-time, flying around the different hills of Athens. Our walk is a night hunt not only for the best views and the best stories but also a hunt to spot Athens’ night owls.



Ancient Sites

The Acropolis of Athens is the ancient citadel of the Athenians, a prominent plateaued rocky crag, that rises 150m high above the city. Among an amazing array of classical architecture on top of the Acropolis (mostly from the Golden Age of Athens, the 5th c. BC), stands proudly the finest of all temples dedicated to Athena: the Parthenon.

We will scour the old city for hidden corners and new perspectives. With beautiful views across the downtown area and panoramic scenes taking in the wider city, you will have a unique opprotunity to be guided through the city in a way that few people get to experience. A treat for all your senses.

Explore the city that has over 3000 years of history and discover all the facts, myths and secrets that you won’t find in your guidebook.
Our English-speaking local experts will share their knowledge and passion for Athens with you.
Get an inside look at the Cradle of Western Civilization on foot and discover many of the city's hidden gems that tourist buses can’t reach.

To join one of our night walking tours simply contact us with the date that you would like to participate and we will reserve a place for you and send you the exact details as soon as possible



The Goddess Athena is the embodiment of reason, strategic warfare and wisdom. The patron goddess of the city of Athens.

According to myth, an owl sat on Athena’s blind side, so that she could see the whole truth. For the Greeks and the Romans, the owl, being sacred to Athena, was a symbol of higher wisdom and an embodiment of her intellectual powers.



We’ll see iconic sights like the Parthenon or the Temple of Nike lit up and wonderfully illuminated in the distance. It’s a chance to experience some of the most exciting areas of Athens and see everything through different eyes.