What’s this all about then?

We are a small collective of local historians and archaeologists working together to share our passion for our city. We are not working for a big company, we keep our group sizes small and we have in-depth knowledge about Athens’ fascinating history. We’re not going to simply point out monuments and show you where to shop (although we have great shopping tips if you ask)

What do we see?

A lot. The routes that we follow every day give us the chance to explore different areas of Athens. We see various neo-classical monuments and urban areas of the modern city of today but also hidden and famous ancient ruins that reflect the ‘Glory that was Athens’.

Will we be entering the Acropolis on this walking tour?

No. There is a separate ticket for archaeological sites and there are official tour guides that operate inside sites and museums. Our walk will be an ideal introduction to the city of Athens, so -if you’re on a tight schedule- be sure to factor some extra time to visit the Acropolis or the Agora.

Is the walk tiring?

No. We follow an easy pace and since there are so many sights to stop and see, this means that there’s less than five minutes of continuous walking between stops. Please note that since Athens contains many hills and steps, we recommend that babies be worn or carried.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. Just remember to carry a bottle of water. We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes as sometimes we may have to go up a few steps. And don't forget to put film in your camera!

How can I join the walking tour?

Easy. Just fill out our booking form, we’ll reserve a free spot for you and we’ll send you all the details of our meeting point (the time & the place).

How long is the walk?
We stroll through the city centre and up and down the alleys ways for about 90 minutes.

How much does it cost?
Our tours are free of charge and there are no obligations to tip. Our guides and organisation are paid with your contributions so if you have had a good time then be as generous as you see fit!