Plaka by Night: The first original free night tour

Our knowledgeable and well-versed tour leaders will walk with you through the streets and alley ways of downtown Athens, sharing stories and secrets known only to locals and history buffs. We will cover ancient and modern history as well as visiting some of the nicest cafes, eateries and bars that the city has to offer. This night  walking tour  conveniently ends at the famous Monastiraki square and Psyrri neighbourhood that has a lively late-night dining scene, pubs, cafes, after-dark venues, tavernas, roof bars, local street-food joints and much more...

Get ready for some unique night views of Athens. When the sun goes down, the lights come up and the ancient cobbled streets are illuminated. Don’t forget your camera as there are plenty photos opportunities!

We like to keep our groups small, making the experience more interactive.


Meet the Gods: Free Mythology Tour

Learn about the Ancient Greek Myths while exploring the city of Athens.

Greek Mythology drives us in a parallel universe inhabited by capricious gods playing with humans, terrible monsters, brave heroes and beautiful nymphs.

After millennia we are still sailing with Ulysses in his way back to Ithaca, we are fighting the Hydra side by side with Hercules, we are amused by Zeus and Hera marital quarrels.

Greek Mythology is universal, we learnt about it in books, movies, yet it is strongly rooted to its land. 

Walk with us through the city that has more than 4000 years of history, and discover the myths behind its creation.